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We have become one of the Uk’s favorite log cabin companies due to the biggest customisable ranges and choices available than any other manufacturer. We supply many new and existing customers with quality log cabin kits from the 1 Click Factory in the heart of Lancashire  – The company has built its reputation on providing quality and value that the 1 click Log cabins management constantly strives and changes in order to better fulfill your log cabin dreams with new models and extras introduced each year.


Log cabin features in a little more detail…

As standard, all of the logs machined in our cabins are to the highest possible quality with the latest designed interlocking log system, fully tongue and groove jointed as standard – combined with our unique 4-way chamfered notching system thus ensuring a perfect fit for each and every log within your build…. Keeping the elements out and the warmth in on all of our 19, 28mm and 44mm log cabins. The 28mm and 44mm range of log cabins are professionally draft sealed throughout, keeping heat inside the cabin and preventing water ingress.


What's Our Standards

  • Made Fresh

    Made fresh for you, eliminating pack damage

  • Uk Manufacturing

    1 Click Log Cabins are manufactured in the UK

  • Attention to Detail

    Not to be mistaken with cheaper imported cabins

  • Made to Order

    We do not stock pile log cabins out side for months until sold

  • Easy Access

    Extra wide and taller doorways as standard

  • Quality Machined

    Unique 4 way chamfered Interlocking Logs

  • Joiner Made

    High quality joiner made doors & windows

  • Where It Matters

    Extra thick 19mm T&G roof and flooring included*

  • Taller & Better

    Extra higher eaves for more headroom as standard

  • 100% Protection

    Pressure treated floor joists for added protection

Sturdy Above & Below

Our log cabins are manufactured to a very high joinery standard – All log cabin buildings come with extra thick 19mm tongue & groove roof and floor boarding as standard increasing strength, durability and longevity.

Our extra strong roof purlins are machine planed to 50mm x 125mm with all four edges rounded eliminating splintering, we also check and stress grade each of the roof purlin component for its structural integrity.

The floor of any log cabin should be strong and bounce free, that’s why we use the extra thick 19mm tongue and groove boarding housed to 58mm x 44mm tanalised floor Joists spaced no more than 400mm apart – *All floor joists are impregnated with TANALITH™ E.


19mm, 28mm, 44mm Log Profiles


Our log cabin kits are currently available in three quality log thicknesses 19mm, 28mm and 44mm as shown above, you will find the 19mm and 28mm log profile looks very similar in appearance with only having a single machined tongue & groove – The main difference between the two logs are the chamfered notching that can be found on the 28mm log similar to the 44mm log.  The extra thick 44mm logs are machined with a double tongue and groove plus the four way chamfered notching system as standard, you can also upgrade any 28mm log cabin to the extra thick 44mm log from as little as 18% extra.

*Please note most log cabin companies offer a lower graded timber with a rebated notch allowing water to leak through the joints unlike a 1 click log cabin. When reading through the technical jargon please take your time to read our specifications, you will really see the quality you get for your money that most companies would charge you extra for!

Fancy Something Different

Bespoke designs are becoming more and more popular by adding, removing any door or window – We can also change the door and window style. Found the size a little large one way or too small the other, that’s also no problem we can bespoke the sizes to suite you.

The 1 Click design team will look at all bespoke plans you submit and work through your requirements based on what you need – You will find 99% of our log cabin quotations to be the cheapest in the Uk with quality that’s second to none.


  • Add remove, change any window or door
  • Increase or decrease the log cabin size
  • Issues with planning – Reduce the ridge height*
  • Upgradable glazing options for added security
  • Add internal walls with solid or glass doors
  • Any 28mm log cabin can be upgraded to 44mm
  • Add roofing shingles, gutter Kit, or decking area


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