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The ultimate in Log Cabins
-Extra thick 44mm log cabins make these log cabins warmer in the colder months. Our doors and windows are the best on the market with draft sealing and benefit from a silicone and beaded system internally and externally to ensure the best from your new Log Cabin. Our 1click cabins also feature 19mm Roof and Floors boards-Pressure treated floor bearers come pre-attached to the floor boards for an easy to lay floor. Manufactured in the UK and beats the competition with our unique Interlocking Log system and all of our Cabins are constructed from the highest quality materials. All of our Cabins and products are finished with style in mind and can be assembled with ease.The right choice in Log Cabins. See our log cabins range

Our new online log cabin brochure has 35 Pages packed with all the 1 click log cabins range of garden log cabins plus storage cabins and log cabin garages. There are new designs now available in the 28mm and 44mm garden cabins with two new flat roof style log cabins and many more apex styles coming soon.


Ashbourne 44mm Log Cabin..sizes range from 12ftx8ft to 14ftx12ft (6 sizes)

product Description

The Ashbourne log cabin for sale is a best pent roof style log cabin on offer is the Ashbourne log cabin - a very sturdy looking and feeling 44mm log cabin-Features on the Ashbourne log cabin include the fantastic joiner made windows and doors... The Ashbourne will be hugely adaptable and is easy to customise, you can use it for an outdoor bedroom, off...

Prices from: £2,154.98 (inc VAT)

Balmoral 44mm Log Cabin..sizes range from 8ftx12ft to 16ftx16ft (10 sizes)

product Description
Balmoral 44mm Log Cabin for sale spacious and bright log cabin is ideal to create a private sun-room in any garden. Taking some key features from some of our most popular log cabin styles, we have created what we believe to be a superb log cabin. This log cabin is an extremely attractive cabin which features the large, full length, d...
Prices from: £2,239.98 (inc VAT)

Gyles 44mm Log Cabin..sizes range from 14ftx10ft to 16ftx14ft (6 sizes)

product Description
The elegant Gyles log cabin for sale provides an excellent outdoor garden room or office environment with a spacious veranda built in.The Gyles has the look and feel of the ole timers cabin in the mountains. Featuring a country veranda for sitting and enjoying the outdoors and still having enough room inside to meet your weekend needs.The open concept design offers an efficient use of space.T...
Prices from: £2,799.98 (inc VAT)

Bamber 44mm log Cabin..sizes range from 12ftx10ft to 14ftx14ft (5 sizes)

product Description
The Bamber log cabin is one of our finest quality 44mm log cabins which offers a unique environment for relaxing or working. It is feature packed with full length windows allowing for maximum light to enter the spacious interior, making it ideal for a summerhouse, photography studio, or just an additional outdoor room.See our log cabins range.

Prices from: £2,894.98 (inc VAT)

Pendleton 44mm Log Cabin..Sizes range from 14ftx10ft to 20ftx16ft (12 sizes)

product Description
The Pendleton log cabin for sale 44mm log cabin has been designed for one thing only and that's to get the most light into any building as possible,if your a keen painter or just have a fantastic view from your garden then this is the log cabin for you-Features 4 generous sized windows and a full length double door with toughened glass as standard. View more of our log cabins range.

Prices from: £2,914.98 (inc VAT)

Lulworth 44mm Log Cabin..sizes range from 16ftx10ft to 18ftx12ft (4 sizes)

product Description
The Lulworth log cabin for sale is a fantastic building combining both a beautiful indoor space and a functional outdoor sheltered area, a truly unique space with many uses.The Lulworth is a most spectacular and contemporary log cabin with AL fresco relaxation area. The Lulwoth log cabin combines an exceptional indoor space with a practical outdoor s...
Prices from: £3,029.98 (inc VAT)

Dalton 44mm Log Cabin..sizes range from 16ftx10ft to 20ftx16ft (11 sizes)

product Description
The impressive Dalton log cabin is both strong and luxurious creating a magnificent extra room in the garden.The Dalton log cabin brings together country charm or a weekend warrior or even the perfect retreat. This cabin offers plenty of space with an open design. The Dalton also offers convenience of quick access via the double glazed doors. The Dalton log cabin brings this recreational cabin together...
Prices from: £3,144.98 (inc VAT)

Lynx 44mm Log cabin..sizes range from 20ftX16ft to 20ftx18ft (2 sizes )

product Description
The Lynx log cabin log cabin shares the same build characters of the mighty Ark Royal . The Lynx log cabin has been designed to maximize the the most usable space internally so you can plan the dream log cabin . So many uses and a ...
Prices from: £4,694.98 (inc VAT)

Libby-Mae 44mm Log Cabin..sizes range from 18ftx14ft to 20ftx20ft (7 sizes)

product Description

The Libby-mae log cabin comes with a generous 1200mm veranda giving this log cabin a unique stylish European design, this could be the best garden log cabin this year to relax and entertain family and friends with the benefit of a g...

Prices from: £4,124.98 (inc VAT)

Dalton Plus 44mm Log Cabin..sizes range from 16ftx10ft to 20ftx16ft (11 sizes)

product Description
The Dalton Plus log cabin is one of the most luxurious light filled log cabin creating a magnificent area in the garden for relaxation or a simple bright garden office.The Dalton Plus log cabin has taken many features from three of the best selling log cabins like the Sutton, Pendleton and Dalton creating a one of special for this years collection . The Dalton plus log&n...
Prices from: £3,294.98 (inc VAT)

Forde 44mm Log Cabin..sizes range from 10ftx16ft to 12ftx16ft (2 sizes)

product Description

The Forde log cabin is a truly a fantastic garden building with outstanding looks, the Forde Log Cabin features a practical roof overhang on the front gable to protect you from the elements. The Forde Log Cabin maximize a combinat...

Prices from: £3,144.98 (inc VAT)

Sandringham 44mm Log Cabin..size 14ftx14ft (1 size only)

product Description
Sandringham log cabin for sale Built around a stunning ‘3-faced’ design with a fully glazed front section this unique log cabin would look magnificent as the centre-piece of any garden.This Log Cabin is a beautiful and spacious timber building and can be ideal as an extension to your living space or simply as an escape in the ...
Prices from: £3,499.98 (inc VAT)

Nevada 44mm Log Cabin..sizes range from 12ftx8ft to 14ftx10ft (4 sizes)

product Description

The Nevada 44mm Log Cabin is a fantastic bright and extremely practical Log Cabin that makes a great summer room.
With beautifully crafted double doors and generous windows the Nevada also incorporates a roof overhang to protect you from the elements. Benefiting from a stylish apex roof design and also the interior of this model is extremely spacious. You can make this classic hideaway uniquely yours.Other log cabins ...

Prices from: £2,514.98 (inc VAT)

Sutton 44mm Log Cabin..sizes range from 10ftx16ft to 14ftx18ft (6 sizes)

product Description
The impressive Sutton log cabin for sale is a light filled cabin that comes with four large ‘full pane’ toughened glass opening window as standard.The Sutton Cabin is an attractive, spacious garden building which is has some key features from three of our most popular buildings. The cabins main features include large, full length, double doors and windows, helping make full use of the natural light available in all weath...
Prices from: £3,086.58 (inc VAT)

Ark Royal 44mm Log Cabin..size 30ftx18ft (1 size only)

product Description
This is the massive Ark Royal log cabin in the heavy 44mm Log.The Ark royal log cabin is the ultimate log cabin to dine out in the garden with friends and family. Its the most spacious log cabin to date with the skills of the latest way in the manufacturing process. The Ark royal log cabin can also be used to cover the swimming pool- (if this is an o...
Prices from: £6,654.98 (inc VAT)

Outdoor 44mm Timber Shelter..size 8ftx8ft (1 size only)

product Description
Ideal for schools, pubs or just private gardens this delightful structure is the perfect outdoor timber shelter.Its the perfect cover for your BBQ, hot tub, or even your pond. With a opening to offer great access.The side openings just allow maximum light and air to enter the Cabin but will protect you from the wind and rain.Makes an ideal sun shade throughout summer.View more of our log cabins range.

Prices from: £1,164.98 (inc VAT)

The Stowe 44mm Shelter..sizes range from 10ftx10ft to 12ftx12ft (3 sizes)

product Description
The Stowe timber shelter is the ultimate escape this versatile shelter is ideal for housing a barbeque or even hot tub area,With a fantastic front opening to offer great access into the garden, maximum light and air can enter the Cabin whilst protecting you from the sun, wind and rain. See our log cabins range.

Prices from: £1,339.98 (inc VAT)

Warwick 44mm Garage..sizes range from 16ftx10ft to 20ftx14ft (9 sizes)

product Description

The Warwick timber garage for sale is Functional, secure and stylish garage style’ log cabin is perfect for storing the family car, motorbike or ride-on lawnmower.Our timber garages make super garages. The Warwick makes an excellent workshops, garden sheds or a ...

Prices from: £2,559.98 (inc VAT)

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