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How to Transform Your Log Cabin into a Kids Playhouse

Childs PlayhouseSummer is here again, which means long evenings, BBQ’s and the famous six weeks school holidays. You’re surrounded by excited children who are eager to make the most of their break. Don’t fret! Transform your log cabin into a playhouse paradise for the summer months.

An outdoor playhouse is a great way for them to make the most of the garden, especially if the weather isn’t always so wonderful. Give yourself more space in the house and keep the youngsters entertained at the same time with these top tips!

Install an electric supply

If your kids love to play on their game’s consoles, you can create their dream gaming den. Ensure you have a qualified electrician install a supply. Spark their imaginations and give them their own space to enjoy. It’s the perfect space to watch their favourite TV programs or play their music.

Childs Storage SolutionHang Pictures and Posters

You don’t have to paint the walls of your log cabin bright pink or green to create an inviting playroom. Alter the colour scheme with temporary solutions, like colourful posters and photos. With frames, you can swap out the art inside them to keep up with their changing tastes. Use different shapes and sizes to create an eye-catching gallery wall. Why not get the kids involved in the process? Let them choose art to hang, or even frame their own masterpieces for a personal touch!

Small project: Get creative with the frames themselves! Gather cheap or second-hand frames and give them a new lease of life. Your kids will love designing and painting their own unique frames. It’s a great summer activity! Invite thire friends over and spend an afternoon creating memories and keepsakes.


Create a D.I.Y chalkboard

A chalkboard is a great mess-free way of letting their imagination run wild. Wipe it down when not in use and it’s ready for their next drawings. No more scribbles on your walls! Use chalkboard paint to create a custom sized board, or hang up a ready-made chalkboard. They could practice their handwriting or play games of noughts and crosses.

Add storageChilds Storage Trolley

Playhouses don’t need to be untidy! Keep your log cabin clutter free by including plenty of storage space for their toys and books. Boxes, bins and shelves are all ways you can stay organised. Give each child their own box for their favourite toys. They’ll have easy access to entertainment and it’ll make it easier to put the toys away (some of the time). Low-level storage options will be best for the younger ones. If you’re adding storage units, you’ll want to make sure that they’re safely secured to the wall. Consider adding a rolling utility cart to create a book nook or craft station.

Hang a cork board

Cork boards or pin boards are ideal for displaying art work or other things your children enjoy. You’ll also be able to create an inspiration hub without attaching anything to the wall. This will help to create a stimulating and inviting space for them to play in. It can be easily swapped and changed as they please – they’ll no doubt be pinning up their masterpieces! You could also pin up colourful yet educational posters, such as times tables.

Soft FurnishingsChilds Den With Soft Furnishing

Adding plenty of seating like bean bags and cushions will create a cosy atmosphere. Other soft furnishings like blankets and rugs will be great for playing in the log cabin on cooler days. When choosing fabrics, incorporate different colours and textures. Provide spare blankets and sheets so they can build their own hideaway dens.

Pick a fun colour scheme

When deciding on a colour scheme, be sure to choose one that the kids enjoys but that will also last. Chances are they won’t always be a rainbow fanatic! With a bit of planning, you can add colour to your cabin but still keep it a place the grown-ups can enjoy in the evenings. For example, compliment a neutral colour scheme with bold accent colours. Cushion covers are an easy way of adding colours to the room.

Be sure to take advantage of your children’s imagination throughout the design process. They’re bound to be full of ideas! With these tips, you’ll be able to create a space your kids will spend countless happy hours in.

Discover the ideal log cabin or shed to create your own outdoor playhouse.