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Log Cabin Office Guide 2020

A log cabin office is an ideal workspace if you don’t have space for an office in your home.  It provides that extra space without having to fork out tens of thousands on an extension or loft conversion. Also garden office log cabins take away stress from renovating your house and can even add value to your home. Plus, they can be delivered pre-built ready for you to start enjoying your log cabin straight away.

This handy guide reviews all the different types of home office log cabins so you can choose the best log cabin office for your workspace and home. 

1. Large Log Cabins – 20’ x 14’

If you have a large budget or require a big office space, then a 20’ x 14’ or 5.95m x 4.15m large log cabin should do the trick. Made from extra-thick 44mm logs and the added option of double glazing, these log cabins are warmer in the colder months. They are also supplied with thick 19mm tongue & groove floor making this perfect for all weathers.

Large Garden Log Cabin

With our 44mm log cabin range, you have the choice of the Libby-mae. This log cabin is an excellent choice for a garden office. It comes with a generous 1.20 deep veranda allowing you to take a break from your office duties while you enjoy the garden on your lunch break. With extra-wide, half glazed doubled doors and large full paned windows, it allows plenty of sunlight in. There are plenty of optional extras so you can create your perfect log cabin office.

2. Medium Log Cabins – 14′ x 10′

With a wide range of medium log cabins to choose from, there are plenty of styles so you can find your perfect log cabin office. This particular size is suited to an averaged sized garden and, it is suitable if you need to fit two or three people inside the log cabin. 

Medium Garden Log Cabin

Our Medium log cabins can be discovered in the 14’ x 10’ log cabins range. Depending on the design, you can choose a different model that suits your garden space. Choose a log cabin office with french doors, so you can take in picturesque views of your garden. Alternatively, if you choose a single door log cabin office if your garden space is suited more to that design.

Our medium range log cabins are available in 28mm or 44mm options with high quality interlocking systems.

3. Small Log Cabins 8′ x 10′

If you have a smaller garden space, then a small log cabin might the perfect solution. Our 8’ x 10’ log cabin offices will still be an adequate size to fit an office desk inside with enough room to manoeuvre.

Small Garden Log Cabins

If you want to create the feel of a bit more space some of our small logs cabins such the Appleby and Carrington have a 695mm overhang at the front, so you can sit outside and under the shade.

Our small log cabin is available in either 19mm or 28mm thick logs, and you can add optional extras to personalised your Garden Office Log Cabin.

4. Corner Log Cabins

If you want to maximise your garden space, then a neatly tucked corner log cabin is the solution. Available in 28mm thick logs and sizes ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 14’ x 10’ we have two different designs to create the perfect home office log cabin.

First, the Bradwell Corner is a modern, attractive design combining double doors and two windows at either side. This is suited more to a smaller garden space.

Bradwell Corner 28mm Log Cabin

Alternatively, there is the larger Victoria model. Connected to the log cabin is a storage unit which can be accessed from the side. This has plenty of storage space, so you store garden furniture and more. At the front of the log cabin it has corner french doors with two windows at either side.

5. Log cabins with verandas

If you like your outside space or you want a breather from your office work, a log cabin with decking lets you do that. With an outdoor veranda, it provides you with a great space to get some natural light whilst offering shade.

Veranda Log Cabin

A log cabin with a veranda is the Libby Mae 44mm Log Cabin. This comes with extra thick logs, a large double door and apex roof offering plenty of headroom and lots of space.

Garden Log Cabin Office

With fast internet access, download speeds and video call technology available, more and more people are working remotely. Also, due to COVID-19, there has been a rise in people working from home. As a result of this, creating additional space has been a priority for many. Not only this bring much needed extra working space, but it is also good for the mental health separating your work from your home. Therefore investing in a garden log cabin can bring that separation whilst achieving a better work-life balance.   

1 Click Log Cabins are all British Made and sustainably sourced. We handle the whole process and journey of your timber building, from design and planning, through preparation, packaging, transportation and build. We regularly check the product at every stage. So you can ensure your Log Cabin Garden Office is of the highest quality. Please view all of our Log Cabins where you’ll find a suitable garden office for your home. Or if you need more information please visit our Log Cabin Buying Guide 2020.

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