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2.5m Planning compliant...

The Fairoak 44mm log cabin

Distinctive low roof design ...

✓ Interlocks on all four corners

Prices from £3129 delivered*

✓ Great selection of sizes

✓ Hand crafted with care!

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Our best selling log cabin...

The Dalton 44mm log cabin

Stylish Georgian window design ...

✓ High quality specification

Prices from £3499 delivered*

✓ Double tongue & grooved logs

✓ Uniquely designed for you!

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Quality within budget...

The Appleby 19mm log cabin

Stylishly designed ...

✓ High quality cabin features

Prices from £1054 delivered*

✓ Available in two sizes

✓ UK manufactured to order!

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Popular pent log cabin...

The Ashbourne 44mm log cabin

Modern yet simple design ...

✓ High quality doors & windows

Prices from £2299 delivered*

✓ Great selection of sizes

✓ Freshly made just for you!

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Cheap Log cabins for sale – Highest quality – British made

Garden log cabins are fast becoming the UK’s most popular outdoor space and it’s easy to see why. The benefits of log cabins over alternative outdoor rooms (sheds, summer houses, garages, workshops) are numerous.

Log cabins are:

  • Affordable – Add more space to your home in the most cost-effective way without the hassle of getting planning permission (check our Quick Guide on Planning for rules and restrictions though)
  • Naturally insulated so they require much less heating than alternative garden rooms
  • Flexible – they can be designed around your needs and your garden and can suit a range of purposes (home office, home gym, space for hobbies, play room, party room etc.)
  • Environmentally friendly because timber is a renewable, natural material (we only use timber from sustainable forests) and log cabins are very long-lasting

Equipped for all weathers – log cabins are strong and exceptionally durable.

Our log cabins are made to order. We do not stock pile log cabins outside for months until they’re sold. We offer a bigger range and more customisation options than any other log cabin manufacturer. You can buy DIY log cabin kits or let our experts build your log cabin for you (see our pro-installation option). We offer free delivery to 75% of the UK.

Why choose a 1 Click log cabin

Our Range of 19mm Log Cabins are the quality of a Log Cabin but the price of a garden shed, each model is made with a FREE opening window-beautifully designed large Georgian doors. The interlocking logs are complimented with pre-assembled floor and roof sections.

Now the 28mm Log Cabins, can be admired – Superbly built, manufactured with the utmost care and attention with the same eye-catching Georgian or Euro styled quality doors and windows from the 44mm range.

Our highest quality range at present, 44mm Log Cabins are manufactured with extra thick double tongue & grooved walls, making this range of log cabin, warmer in colder months – Door and window quality are one of the best for the range, draft sealed with a silicone and beaded system internally.

Manufacturer for Over 60 years, part of the DSB group, which has been a family owned company since the early 1950’s manufacturing garden log cabins and timber sectional buildings ever since then, we’re hugely experienced and have learned a lot during that time!

As we’ve grown, we’ve used this know-how to develop and improve our products. So, we truly believe our log cabins are superior to other manufacturers, both in appearance and structural integrity. Unlike most other online retailers, none of our log cabins or timber buildings are imported; they are all British made. We handle the whole process and journey of your timber building, from design and planning, through preparation, packaging, transportation and build. We regularly check the product at every stage.

Read more about our company and our quality control process.

DIY Self build log cabin kits

The sure guide to a step by step DIY log cabin build. We will help you by explaining everything you need to know about building your 1 Click Log Cabin. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re in the middle of your search, or simply contemplating whether to have a go yourself, you’ll find our easy DIY build guide full of handy useful tips and practical advice, with our in-depth video.

What’s included

  • All Fixtures and fittings
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • Pre glazed doors & windows (28mm, 44mm Cabins only)
  • Pressure treated bearers (28mm, 44mm Cabins only)
  • Roofing felt


You’ll see exactly what’s involved and how just to do it right. Anything you’re not sure of, or if you’re in doubt, you’ll be able to watch the video over and over and hopefully put you’re mind at rest.

Log cabin information

Before purchasing your new garden log cabin, it is important you know about any planning restrictions which may apply in your garden. We don’t want you to spend weeks of getting excited to own your own log cabin to then find out you cannot build one. Therefore, we recommend reading our planning guide which will help you understand everything before you purchase a log cabin.

Note: Log cabins at or below the 2.5m in ridge height, can normally be built within 2m of any boundary without the need for planning permission. This will cover most areas of the UK, if you have any doubts, please check with your local planning office for more information.

We have a range of log cabins with a ridge height under 2.5m ( View range ), we can also offer this on any log cabin with a gable span not greater than 4.75m.

Log cabin maintenance

It’s all about taking care of your new log cabin, this will be essential in ensuring longevity. Our advice in maintaining your log cabin is by regularly applying a quality wood preserver that, not only protects but repels water from your log cabin. Best option is in the form of an oil-based treatment, professional water based treatments or solvent/spirit based treatments. Each recommended wood treatment preservers will have their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s always best to seek the advice from a professional retailer or manufacturer, for the longevity of their products.

Like your skin, wood is also susceptible to sun damage. Harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause the surface of wood to break down, so consider using pigmented stains and products infused with UV combatants to protect your exterior log cabin walls, against sun damage.

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