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You can now add any window or door to any log cabin from the range…

M ost Log Cabin Companies offer you Low Grade doors & Windows with their Log Cabins. Why ? They hope you will pay for costly upgrades – We offer the Highest Grade doors & Windows as Standard-Our Quality Draft sealed units lock Tight and Secure. Unlike all other manufacturers we use the best Redwood Joinery timber to make our Windows and Doors.

Why Redwood Timber ? Redwood timber allows us to machine and form the timber into superb quality Windows and Doors. The redwood timber does not split or warp like fast grown Timber due to a Slower growth and tighter grain-The redwood timber costs a little more but the end result is that our windows and doors are the best and out shines the competition.

Best Designs ? The nicest designs that are pleasing to the eye, all of our log cabin doors and windows are draught sealed keeping out the elements when the cooler weather arrives. There’s nothing more pleasing than a light and airy Log Cabin made special with the full pane window and door options we offer.

All 1click windows are top hung with quality brass hinges as standard and are provided with a lock and key with every window as standard – adding security for FREE……. Plus our windows also offer you the best source of ventilation in the dry summer months. We offer 3 different glazing options on our windows and doors, 3mm standard glass,4mm toughened and double glazing.

Lockable Doors ? 1click offer left or right hinged doors – plus the option of inward or outward opening doors to suite our customers needs. We know how important security of your log cabin is? – That’s why we offer you complete piece of mind with the best security possible.

All of our doors have 3 lever locks fitted as standard, We do not offer cheap euro cylinder locks which most other cabin companies use. All of our doors have a traditional method of manufacture – not the weak mitre and nail options, Our hinges are very strong which provides added security against unwanted intruders.

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Log Cabin Glazing Options

What glazing should i choose…

1 Click Log Cabins standard windows are pre glazed with 3mm horticultural glass on most log cabins (excluding the 19mm range) – on the product pages there is the option to upgrade the glazing of your choice….

1, DG – For warmth and medium safety we recommend our standard double glazing (4mm – 6mm – 4mm). Double glazing also offers sound proofing that helping to reduce external  noise.

2, TG  – For safety we would recommend our 4mm toughened glass, complete assurance from accidental damage.

3, TDG – Safety and warmth, Our highest grade of security and safety for your log cabin is toughened double glazing (4mm – 6mm – 4mm). Combine the specially made toughened glass, with all the benefits of double glazing, this really is the greatest way of making your space safe, secure and insulated.

Glazing Options


For more information on how to bespoke your new log cabin from the options above then please contact our sales team today!

Can I Make My Own style of Log Cabin - YES you can....

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