Welcome to our Log Cabin bespoke service

01. The perfect size

Do you have a specific size of log cabin in mind that you don’t see for sale on our website - Don't worry, we can offer you our bespoke, made to measure log cabin service!

Our unique sizing service is ideal to get a log cabin made that fits your space. Alternatively, you may have decided on the style, but doesn’t have a size large enough or even small enough for your needs.

Whatever your size, we are confident here at 1 Click Log Cabins to manufacture a fully customised building, just for you.

Mix & matching

02. Move doors & windows

Just like our sizing service, we can now move, doors or windows to any wall on the log cabin. Not only can we move doors & windows, we can even change them to a different style from our range!

Even though this would be a unique design, we can often price match to a similar sized log cabin from our range.

Lead times for delivery would normally be within 6 weeks of final approval.

Get your personalised quotation, whatever idea!

03. Contact us today

Request your custom quotation on any bespoke log cabin design. Our dedicated design team of experts can provide you with a detail plan that will bring your log cabin to life within 24 hours.

Once you submit your information along with a sketch/drawing, we can start to work hard behind the scenes with your FREE detailed quote to illustrate exactly which design and materials will be used to provide you with a final costing.