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Which Log Cabin Cladding is Best for You?

Whether you’re looking for a space to entertain friends and family during summer BBQ’s, or you need a home office or hobby room, choosing the right log cabin cladding for the job is important.

The cladding of your log cabin refers to the exterior of your building. It’s not only about how it looks, but also the level of insulation and durability it offers. All of our cladding uses tongue and groove interlocking log boards. Panels are created from planes of wood that are designed to interlock. This ensures a strong and durable wall, regardless of thickness, that allows water to easily run off it.

We have 3 different options of log cabin cladding: 19mm, 28mm or 44mm. Thinner cladding is usually best for a summerhouse. Thicker cladding, like our 44mm options, offer increased durability and insulation, meaning they’re ideal for use all year round.

We’ll give you a detailed rundown of the features and benefits of each type of cladding, along with some examples, so you can pick the best log cabin for you!

19mm Log Cabins

The perfect choice for a summerhouse, 19mm log cabins are suited for use during the warmer months. From BBQ’s to summer parties, this option is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The 19mm is also a budget friendly option that still offers durability.

As standard, all our logs are machined to the highest quality with the interlocking system. Combined with 1click’s unique 4-way chamfered notching system, each and every log fits neatly.

Appleby 19mm Log Cabin

Introducing the Appleby! A summerhouse with double Georgian doors and windows, it boasts a traditional aesthetic with quality black antique hinges and handles. Our 19mm log cabins come with a 5-year anti-rot guarantee against timber rot and decay.

28mm Log Cabins

Again, the 28mm log cabin cladding is suitable for summer use and lends itself to the warmer months. If you’re wanting a workshop to work in during the spring and summer, then it’s the best choice. With thicker logs, 28mm log cabins offer increased durability whilst coming in at a mid-range price.

28mm log cabins come with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee against timber rot and decay, giving you extra peace of mind.

Sandringham 28mm Log Cabin

The Sandringham’s modern design and large, fully glazed windows make it a great choice for an outdoor retreat. It also requires no planning permission because of the lower 2500mm ridge. Light floods into the log cabin during long summer days and windows and doors are draft sealed. From workshops to music rehearsal rooms, the possibilities are endless.

At 1click, we offer customisation of our log cabins, and this includes upgrading the wall thickness of any 28mm model to 44mm. Let’s look at why a 44mm might be the best option for you.

44mm Log Cabins

Do you want a log cabin that you can enjoy all year round?

With 44mm cladding, you’ll benefit from the added strength and warmth of the thicker timber. This thickness offers the most durability during harsh weather. Protect yourself from the elements as you enjoy your garden hideaway, whether it’s as a home office, gym or hobby room. With constructed double tongue for added insulation, a 44mm log cabin is truly an extension of your living space that all the family can enjoy.

Fairoak 44mm Log Cabin

The Fairoak is our bestseller, and it’s easy to see why! With a deep overhanging roof and a traditional design, it makes a great space for a home office or hobby room. No planning permission is needed as it has a lower ridge, and it comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee.

The 3/4 length double doors and windows means you can make the most of summer light, and you can stay fully insulated during the winter with our double-glazing options!

Need more information?

See our buying guide for more help choosing your dream log cabin, or browse our full range of garden buildings. What will you use your log cabin for?