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Best Outdoor Gadgets 2022: For Your Garden & Log Cabin

Best Garden & Log Cabin Gadgets

For those who are fortunate enough to have an outside space and a garden log cabin, it will come to no surprise that the garden is a great space to entertain, relax and enjoy during the summer. With this in mind we have pulled together a list of the best outdoor gadgets that you can not only use in your garden but also with help to secure your garden log cabin.

Best Outdoor Gadgets 2022

Nebula Mars II Pro

This is a great piece of kit.  The Nebula Mars II Pro can be watched anywhere, so it is perfect for the garden and log cabin. It’s got everything straight from the box. Simply connect it to Wi-Fi, and you can select apps such as Netflix, Amazon and more to watch your favourite films inside your log cabin or garden.
Nebula Mars II ProRechargeable Battery & Built-In Speakers: It has a rechargeable battery which allows you up to 4 hours runtime away from a plug. Plus, it comes with powerful built-in speakers that will fill an entire room with immersive sound. It comes with a remote control, but you can also control it with your phone. Also, you can do screen mirroring to mirror your phone and more. It has an HDMI & USB port, so you connect to other devices.

HD Resolution: Setting up the projector is simple. The lens is automatically focussed, so all you need to do this is point it towards a blank surface. The screen resolution is HD, and the lamp is 500 ANSI, which means the display is brighter, great for summer evenings.

Great For Outdoors: This is the perfect gadget for a garden or log cabin, where you can enjoy a cinematic experience outdoors or inside your garden building.

Price From £429.99
Where to buy: Nebula


NOMAD Grill 

If James Bond has a grill this would be it. A NOMAD Grill is made to move. This is a great gadget to have for your outdoor space, and the portability of it means that you can use it anywhere, and not just in your garden. This high-end piece of kit is made from premium materials. Made from aircraft aluminium with anodised finished and food-grade silicone, it is seriously tough.NOMAD Grills

Cook On Any Surface: 
Another impressive attribute of the NOMAD grill is its ‘advanced thermal architecture’. In simple terms, this means it is surface safe so the outer case can be placed on wooden or plastic tables. So if your garden log cabin has a veranda seating area this will be a perfect place to cook on a table without having to worry about burning any surfaces.

Built-In Temperature Gauge: It can be used as a grill or a smoker, and it has a built-in temperature gauge. The weight of the NOMAD is 28 pounds due to its high structural quality. The size is 21.5 x 13.5 x 9.5 inch closed.

Grill & Smoker: The NOMAD grill opens like a suitcase, with each half housing a ribbed anodised and cast aluminium cook box. The grill plate is magnetic so it gives a solid feel when cooking. It comes with one grill plate, but another can be purchased separately to expand your cooking area. The suitcase can be closed to smoke the food.

PriceFrom $599.99 (US Dollars)
Where to buy: NOMAD Grills


SoundLink Colour Bluetooth® speaker II

From the log cabin, garden, patio or pool, this portable Bluetooth speaker is great for the outdoors. It’s tough, it’s water-resistant, and you can take it with you around your garden.The device has multiple built-in functions, so you can answer calls through it, skip tracks, and switch between connected devices. The rechargeable battery delivers up to 8 hours of battery life which is great on summer days if you’re lounging in the garden log cabin.
Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth speaker II9 Metres Wireless Range: The SoundLink Color Bluetooth® speaker II has a reliable 9 metres wireless range, so if you have an outside log cabin, you should be able to pick up the Wi-Fi no problem.

Voice Pairing: You connect the Bose speaker through voice pairing and even remember your most recently used devices.

Price: £89.95 (Current Sale Price)
Where to buy: Bose


Bird Box Camera Deluxe Bundle Wireless Transmission 

Share the wonder of wildlife with a bird box camera. Find out what birds are nesting in your garden or backyard from the comfort of your own home, and share it with friends and family. With our handmade wooden bird box and tiny wireless bird box camera, you can watch wildlife on your TV in the comfort of your living room.

Watch the birds nest on your TV: The bird box camera and our handmade wooden bird box are designed for easy installation in your garden or on a tree and offer everything you need to get started to watch wildlife with a discreet camera solution.

Watch Wildlife From the Comfort of Your Home: No matter what you do, you’ll never forget a moment of action with this tiny wireless camera and night vision. With a powerful wide-angle lens and TV-out capabilities, this bundle is perfect for watching birds nest in your own living room.

Forget About The Cable: Annoyed with constantly unplugging and plugging your camera in? With the wireless transmission, you won’t have to worry about unplugging the cable—just switch on the wireless transmission and watch your wildlife from the comforts of your living room.

See The Wildlife In Your Garden: The perfect way to bring nature into your home. With a 10m power cable and an RCA to HDMI adapter, you can have wireless transmission of 720p video on a TV in the comfort of your living room.

Price: £114.99
Where to buy: Stealth Birding 


Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller

Great For Garden Parties. Chill-On-Demand™ is perfect for chilling wine, water, soda, and more to the right temperature. Chill in seconds without ice and forget forgetting or pre-planning to put your drinks in the refrigerator. The Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller is great for garden parties.

Chill-on-demand™ Your Beverages: Keep Your Beverages at the Ideal Temperature. Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller is the fastest appliance/method to quickly chill beverages when they are stored at room temperature or are already refrigerated but still not cold enough due to inconsistent chilling or desire for even lower temperatures. For chilling a can it is 40 times faster than a freezer, and for chilling a wine bottle it is 10 times faster than a freezer.

Chill Beverages In Minutes: Never have to worry about forgetting or pre-planning to put your beverages in the refrigerator again. Chill-On-Demand™ your beverages whenever the need arises, especially useful for chilling wines to the proper serving temperature.

Chill Beverages At The Push Of A Button: With Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller, you no longer have to worry about forgetting or pre-planning to put your beverages in the refrigerator. With this appliance/method, you can chill your drinks at the push of a button and never suffer from a dry mouth again.

Chill-On-Demand™ Your Favourite Wines: Perfect for wine enthusiasts and hobbyist winemakers. The Cooper Chiller is perfect for chilling a bottle of wine from room temperature to the perfect serving temperature. Never worry about forgetting or pre-planning to put your wines in the refrigerator again!

Price: £159.00
Where to buy: Cooper Cooler 

Master Lock Biometric padlock 

Unlock your things with just a touch with Master Lock Biometric padlock, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your keys again.Master Lock Biometric padlock Your Personal Security Is Just A Fingerprint Away: The Biometric padlock provides the easiest, most convenient way to secure your garden log cabin, with no keys or combinations to remember. With Master Lock, your personal security is always within reach.

Biometric Security For Personalised Convenience: The key is your fingerprint. The best way to protect what matters most is by using the highest level of personalization and convenience on the market. With our Biometric padlock, you can secure anything without worry of lost keys or forgotten combinations. No more worrying about who has access to your things with up to ten fingerprints stored in one lock!

Biometric Padlocks Offer One-Touch Convenience: The best thing about biometric locks is that you don’t have to worry about keys and combinations. Just use your fingerprint to unlock the lock, then close it with the turn of a knob. And if your battery does die, you can easily replace it with a simple CR2 battery jump (included). It’s surprisingly easy to set up and offers more security than traditional locks.

Secure Your Important Items For Years To ComeWhether you’re locking up the tools in your workshop or the key to your home, Master Lock Biometric Padlock is tough on security and easy-on convenience. Light indicators identify when fingerprint acceptance is taking place and when low battery alerts are necessary. Get peace of mind from a brand you can trust—Master Lock™

Price: From 119.99
Where to buy: Master Lock


Arlo Ultra 2 4K Ultra HD WiFi Security Camera System 

Always know what’s happening at home with the Arlo Ultra 2 4K Ultra HD WiFi Security Camera System. With two smart security cameras, you can monitor your property in 4K Ultra HD resolution and keep your home and garden log cabin safe. Thanks to the 180° wide-angle lens with advanced dewarping, you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening – no matter where they’re positioned.
The Arlo Ultra 2 4K Ultra HD WiFi Security Camera System-2
A Smarter Way To Monitor Your Home, Log Cabin and Garden: The Arlo Ultra 2 4K Ultra HD WiFi Security Camera System is a smarter, more powerful way to keep an eye on what’s happening at home. Remote viewing and an increased WiFi connectivity range means you’ll never miss a thing.

Keep An Eye On Your Home and Garden: Keep your home safe and enjoy extra peace of mind with the Arlo Ultra 2 4K Ultra HD WiFi Security Camera System. Two smart security cameras monitor your home constantly in 4K Ultra HD resolution – so you can see every detail. Thanks to their 180° wide-angle lens with advanced dewarping, you’ll be able to cover more of your property. The Ultra 2 shares most of the features with Arlo Ultra.

Watch and Hear What Matters Most: Keep your home safe with the Arlo Ultra 2 4K Ultra HD WiFi Security Camera System. With its built-in microphone and speaker, it’s easy to communicate back and forth, day or night. The camera zooms in on what you’re looking at, so you never miss a moment of the action. And thanks to its two-way audio and night vision, you’ll always be connected to what matters most—even in.

Price: 629.99
Where to buy:


The Ooni Karu 12 

Cook pizzas in 60 seconds with the Ooni Karu 12. It is more than just a pizza oven – it’s a grill, smoker, and roaster. With a 12kg weight and carrying handles, it’s portable too. This is great for garden parties where you eat on freshly cooked pizza outside or inside your log cabin.
The Ooni Karu 12-2Pizza On DemandOoni Karu 12 is a powerful, portable wood-fired oven that cooks authentic stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds. It’s also gas compatible, so you’re not limited to cooking with only one type of fuel. Or load it up with real wood or charcoal, with no excess ash to clean.

Give Pizzas A Wood-fired Oven TasteYou can fire up with wood or charcoal right out of the box, or with gas with the Ooni Gas Burner. The custom-designed fuel tray maximises airflow and delivers a powerful blast of searing flame.

The perfect outdoor cookoutThe Ooni Karu 12 is the best way to enjoy fresh stone-baked pizza outdoors. It reaches a blistering 500°C in just 15 minutes and cooks your pizza in 60 seconds. Whether you use it with real wood or charcoal, you’ll be cooking authentic, wood-fired, stone-baked pizza in any outdoor space in no time.

Price: 299.00
Where to buy: Ooni Pizza Ovens