Log Cabin Guide Sizes (ft) Log Cabin Actual Sizes (mm) Available Wall Thickness (mm)
6ft x 8ft 1750mm x 2350mm 19mm
6ft x 10ft 1750mm x 2950mm 19mm
8ft x 6ft 2350mm x 1750mm 19mm
8ft x 8ft 2350mm x 2350mm 19mm, 28mm, 44mm
8ft x 10ft 2350mm x 2950mm 19mm, 28mm, 44mm
8ft x 12ft 2350mm x 3550mm 28mm, 44mm
10ft x 6ft 2950mm x 1750mm 19mm
10ft x 8ft 2950mm x 2350mm 19mm, 28, 44mm
10ft x 10ft 2950mm x 2950mm 28, 44mm
10ft x 12ft 2950mm x 3550mm 28, 44mm
10ft x 14ft 2950mm x 4150mm 28, 44mm
10ft x 16ft 2950mm x 4750mm 28, 44mm
10ft x 18ft 2950mm x 5350mm 28, 44mm
12ft x 8ft 3550mm x 2350mm 28, 44mm
12ft x 10ft 3550mm x 2950mm 28, 44mm
12ft x 14ft 3550mm x 4150mm 28, 44mm
12ft x 16ft 3550mm x 4750mm 44mm
12ft x 18ft 3550mm x 5350mm 44mm
14ft x 8ft 4150mm x 2350mm 28, 44mm
14ft x 10ft 4150mm x 2950mm 28, 44mm
14ft x 12ft 4150mm x 3550mm 28, 44mm
14ft x 14ft 4150mm x 4150mm 28, 44mm
14ft x 16ft 4150mm x 4750mm 44mm
14ft x 18ft 4150mm x 5350mm 44mm
16ft x 10ft 4150mm x 2950mm 44mm
16ft x 12ft 4150mm x 3550mm 44mm
16ft x 14ft 4150mm x 4150mm 44mm
16ft x 16ft 4150mm x 4750mm 44mm
16ft x 18ft 4150mm x 5350mm 44mm
18ft x 10ft 5350mm x 2950mm 44mm
18ft x 12ft 5350mm x 3550mm 44mm
18ft x 14ft 5350mm x 4150mm 44mm
18ft x 16ft 5350mm x 4750mm 44mm
18ft x 18ft 5350mm x 5350mm 44mm
20ft x 10ft 5950mm x 2950mm 44mm
20ft x 12ft 5950mm x 3550mm 44mm
20ft x 14ft 5950mm x 4150mm 44mm
20ft x 16ft 5950mm x 4750mm 44mm
20ft x 18ft 5950mm x 5350mm 44mm
30ft x 18ft 9150mm x 5350mm 44mm

Welcome to our Log Cabin size guide

How do our sizes work!

Getting an accurate measurement of the space available is crucial.

It’s always good to think ahead!

You will appreciate more space in the future – choose a log cabin size that could accommodate your future needs or growing family. There is often a roof overhang on our log cabins, so this also needs to be taken into consideration.

Our overhangs are generally 100mm past the interlocking log ends, this excludes the front overhang that changes depending on model.

Log cabin companies quote sizes in different ways, we use (ft) as the guide. Their size could refer to the base size or the external measurement with the roof overhang – our sizes are taken from the outside of the interlocking end, so be sure to double check product specific technical dimensions or view our floor plans (28mm plans), (44mm plans) showing all measurements.

If space is at a premium, our corner log cabins could be a great way to make the most of a corner in the garden.