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Log Cabins

Creating additional space without having to invest in a costly home extension, choosing one of our high specification garden summerhouse log cabins create a brand new garden room, home gym, home office or playhouse for the children.

All of our garden log cabins use the unique corner nothing system, locking all four corners of the quality tongue and grooved wall logs. This system comes in three thicknesses 19mm Log Cabins, 28mm Log Cabins and the more stronger 44mm Log Cabins – Choosing the right thickness is so easy, firstly select your model and size, more importantly keep to your budget and we can assure you, any log cabin you chose will meet your expectations for a longer lasting garden feature.

All log cabin orders come with our standard 1 year manufacturers guarantee plus a 10 year anti rot guarantee for piece of mind, if you choose to build any of our log cabins yourself then we supply all of the plans and fixings with each log cabin kit supplied. We also offer fast FREE delivery to most areas of the UK, from our large factory in the north of England using only our own delivery trucks and qualified drivers who unpack your log cabin to make sure your completely satisfied with your new purchase.

If you find the thought of building your own log cabin daunting, then why not book one of our qualified pro installation teams that offer a truly fantastic service to all areas of the UK mainland. To book this service you will need to have a firm, level base ready for when we arrive!

Log cabin thickness

We have three log thicknesses available for you to buy. These include 19mm, 28mm and 44mm. How do you find the right thickness, we know this can be difficult! Therefore, we have some quick helpful tips to help with your decision.

Our 19mm tongue and groove uses interlocking corner construction which is strong, durable and secure, although this wall thickness will not be as effective as our thicker wall logs at protecting the log cabin against the colder weather. Therefore, 19mm ranges are best suited to summerhouse log cabins which will be used in warmer months. Our 28mm tongue and groove thickness is very similar to the 19mm log but is a much stronger log cabin summerhouse option. Whereas, our 44mm tongue and groove thickness is better suited for outdoor buildings used in Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Furthermore, unlike logs of a smaller thickness, 44mm wall logs are machined with a double tongue profile. This high grade profile allows the log cabin to be better equipped at dealing with our harsher UK weather conditions. We offer many glazing options for the 28mm and 44mm walled log cabin ranges, we recommend opting for our low cost double glazing – Ideal for log cabins being used all year round, as they offer better thermal insulation. However, for the log cabin designed, for all four seasons in mind, opting for roofing shingles is the best choice, impressively thicker and more durable than our standard FREE roofing felt.

Perfecting the log cabin size

You can transform any log cabin into something out of this world. Many or our ranges are traditional, however there are some models which could simply blow your imagination. Thinking about your interior of a log cabin can be a very exciting experience, it really is crucial you take into consideration the amount of outdoor space you have available to position a log cabin first. Make sure you measure the available garden space correctly, both in height, length and width to reduce the risk of being disappointed to find out you’ve purchased the wrong log cabin size.

The size of your garden isn’t the only factor!

The size of the log cabin you’re interested in should be at the forefront of the whole buying process, because the size of the log cabin would be a massive bearing on what you can fit inside. For example, a large spacious log cabin will be able to accommodate much larger fixtures, fittings or belongings. Whereas a smaller log cabin will be limited to what it can fit inside – We know this sounds like common sense but how many of us don’t understand measurements?

If you require further information on any of our products please do call us on 0333 733 8002.

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