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Does A Log Cabin Add Value To Your Property?

A log cabin or shed offers a fantastic way to make the most of garden space as they’re so multi-functional. They are an incredibly versatile investment. Create your own home office, hobby room or playroom for the kids. Unlike a costly home extension or conversion, log cabins are a unique addition to your property.

When looking to buy a log cabin, there’s one important question: will it add value to my house?

Adds Valuable Space

Picture Inside Log Cabin of TV and Large Table Chairs

Many people who can’t afford to upsize their house turn to extensions or conversions. But as well as the stress of finding a reputable builder to carry out the job, it’s often costly and hugely disruptive. A log cabin gives you that much needed space without weeks of troublesome construction. Cleverly designed shelves can only do so much in a house with limited space, so why not look outside to your garden?

If you work from home, a home office will sound like an appealing addition to your home. Free yourself of kitchen table distractions and work in peace. A completely separate space in the garden will allow you to concentrate and embrace your ‘work mode’ from the comfort of your cabin!

Of course, your imagination is the limit with how you use your log cabin. We have seen log cabins used for a wide variety of purposes: home offices, home gyms, garden workshops, craft cabins, study rooms, car storage or even a space for entertaining. Everyone can enjoy the extra space, and you can change its purpose as the years go on to accommodate your family. It can transform from a playroom to a study room as the kids get older, extending its value even more.

Adds Value to your Property

Log Cabin with Pool Table, Darts Board, TV & Couch“Improving your home to make it more enjoyable to live in can also give you a big financial boost when it is time to sell” – Paula Higgins, Chief Executive of the Home Owners Association

Insulated, sturdy and weatherproof garden buildings like a log cabin not only give you more floor space, but they are also a worthwhile investment for property value. According to the Federation of Master Builders, a new garden room or outside playroom for the kids can add more than £35,000 to an averagely priced home in Surrey. A log cabin may increase home value by up to 15%! Just be sure that you’re aware of any planning permission laws. Outbuildings are considered as permitted development, but there are limits and conditions – check out our handy log cabin planning law guide to learn more.

Compared to other home investment options, it’s a unique selling point for your house further down the line. You can kick back and relax on a summer evening in your log cabin… and reap the benefits if you sell your property.

Adds Value to the Garden

Picture Inside Log Cabin with living area including couch, bar, TV, Table & Chairs

A log cabin is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your garden. Many people place emphasis on the garden when listing desirable features of a house. An added room in the garden makes the most of your space whilst offering style and functionality. Log cabins are available in a wide range of designs, so you are sure to find one that is in keeping with the style of your house. A quick coat of paint can instantly personalise and transform the look of a log cabin.

Privacy is often a major concern for gardens. Creating a relaxing garden escape to unwind in is difficult if you know your neighbours are peering over your low fences. A garden room gives you a secluded space to truly chill out and relax. It’s also a great escape from the rain if you’re hosting a garden party – so you can keep the party going!

If your garden is on the smaller side, our Victoria 28mm log cabin combines an outdoor space and outdoor storage with an innovative design. You can save space, have a secure home for all your gardening equipment and still enjoy a clutter free escape!

A log cabin can add value to your property in more ways than just the price tag. It’s valuable extra space that makes your garden look appealing. Check out our range of log cabins and sheds 

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