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How to Maintain a Log Cabin: The Ultimate Guide

A log cabin is a fantastic investment that all the family can enjoy. From extra office spaces to children’s playrooms, it’s a truly versatile space. However, as you’re settling into your new garden retreat, you may be wondering how to maintain a log cabin.

How often should I use log cabin treatment?

Apply a wood treatment as soon as possible, using an appropriate high-quality wood preservative and continue to treat your Log cabin or shed annually:

In short treat it well. We recommend researching different suppliers to see which treatment option will be best for you.

You can place sheets on the ground to protect the base of your log cabin and any surrounding patio. It’s also a good idea to protect windows, door hinges and handles with masking tape.

Apply coats evenly with a brush, making sure that each coat covers all areas. Starting at the top of the cabin and working your way down is the easiest and most efficient way to apply the treatment.

Watch out for tricky sections, like the corners and in between logs. These are easy to miss but can often be the most vulnerable. Don’t forget doors, frames and windows – these need equal attention to keep them looking great.

It doesn’t stop after the last coat has been applied, though. Continue to treat your cabin annually. This will help to protect it against the elements. Keep log cabin maintenance stress-free with a calendar of when you last checked or treated your cabin.

How can I keep my log cabin warm and damp-free?

  • It’s important to set your log cabin on a base, such as concrete.
  • Setting a cabin directly onto the ground means that it’s easier for water to seep in.

In short lay good foundations. It’s important to set your log cabin on a base, such as concrete. Setting a cabin directly onto the ground means that it’s easier for water to seep in. Make sure your foundations are well insulated and that the joints between the floor and walls are secure. Insulating the walls and flooring of your log cabin will help to keep it warm and decrease the chances of any damp

What should I look out for?

Keep a watchful eye out for possible rain damage or leaks during cleaning. Areas to keep an eye on include:

  • The joints around doors and windows
    Heavy rain on log cabin roof

    Keep an eye out for rain damage and leaks

  • Any visible gaps on the log sides or ends
  • Interlocking corners from under the roof to the foundations

Controlling the moisture around the log cabin is a vital part of maintenance. A gutter will help with drainage by directing water away from your log cabin. Position your cabin away from any overhanging trees that may drip onto the roof. During any heavy snowfall, you should brush any snow off the roof and surrounding area.

1 Click’s Log Cabin 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee

Don’t worry! Our manufacturing guarantee offers a full 12 months parts and structural warranty. We also have a 10-year anti-rot guarantee against timber rot and decay. (Please note, this doesn’t cover the timber from general splits or warping which may occur naturally over the lifetime of the building.)